Salvador Cerqueiro

Iberia Managing Director

Avelino Veloso

Finance Director

Mónica Martins

Iberia Operations Manager

Rui Capucho

South & Islands Sales Manager

Pedro Alves

Product Specialist – Endoscopy & Surgical

Jorge Fonseca

Marketing Manager & Product Manager – Orthopedics

José Alberto Moreira

North Sales Manager

Sandra Fialho

Customer Service Manager

Rafaela Duarte

Head of Medical Education & Communication

José Fontes

Product Manager – Trauma & Extremities and Sports Medicine

Maria João Simões

Product Specialist – COOMS & Private Group Support

João Pereira

National Sales Director

António Louro

Center Sales Manager

Vanda Gamito

Project Manager

Rita Faro

RAQA & Technical Responsible

Luis Gomez

Product Manager - Imaging Devices

Maria Círia

Compliance Officer

Vanda Fernandes
Vanda Fernandes

Human Resources Director