Salvador Cerqueiro

Iberia Managing Director

Avelino Veloso

Finance Director

Adriana Vieira
Adriana Vieira

Human Resources Director

Catarina Bertolucci
Catarina Bertolucci

Operations Director

Maria Círia

Compliance Officer

Mónica Martins

Head of Strategy & Operations Analyst

Rafaela Duarte

Head of Medical Education & Communication

Rita Faro

RAQA & Technical Responsible

Sandra Fialho

Customer Service Manager

Vanda Gamito

Project Manager

Jorge Fonseca

Marketing Manager & Product Manager – Orthopedics

José Fontes

Product Manager Trauma & Extremities

Luis Gomez

Product Manager - Imaging Devices

Pedro Alves

Product Specialist – Endoscopy & Surgical

Alberto Almeida
Alberto Almeida

Product Specialist Neurosciences

Dinis Rego
Dinis Rego

Product Specialist Sports Medicine

Eduardo Ratola
Eduardo Ratola

Product Specialist SonoScape & BD

Maria João Simões

Product Specialist – COOMS & Private Group Support

João Pereira

National Sales Director

Rui Capucho

South & Islands Sales Manager

António Louro

Center Sales Manager